Why the wait

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.
Proverbs 16:9

We were supposed to leave for Uganda in April buuuut that didn’t happen. Rather, international plans were put on hold and our future shifted back to square one and the same ol’ swirl of questions we thought God had already answered…Do You really want us in Uganda? Or do You want us in California? Should John change careers? Should I attend nursing school? The past three months can be wrapped up in red tape yet I believe God anchored us at home for the following reasons…

He wanted to give us a baby.

When we were notified of the travel delay, I got right back on birth control which had zero control of the situation already happening in my uterus. A baby was being made in the middle of our so-called chaos and confusion. ALSO, have you ever flown with an upset stomach?? If we had left in April as originally planned, I would have been trapped in multiple airplanes sipping ginger ale and recycled air. Does Uganda have saltine crackers? I have no idea, but Uganda doesn’t have my mom whose presence magically put me at ease throughout my first trimester. Love you, mama ❤

He wanted to give us rest.

My husband served 8 years and 8 months in the U.S. Army and then dived into CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) training. I experienced my first PCS (Permanent Change of Station) from Korea to America along with all the emotions and goodbyes to our first home together. Two months in the States didn’t seem long enough to cherish our loved ones either; it was like holding sand underwater. God called us both to the bench because time with Him nourishes every eager and/or exhausted bone in the body. He lifted the pressure of preparation and deadlines. Then He nourished our marriage with weekend trips to San Diego and beach days along the shores of Laguna. He nourished our souls with peace that only comes from Him. John admitted to me one day, “If money didn’t exist and jobs didn’t come with a salary, I wouldn’t change my career. I’d still fly. I want to fly for God.” And that desire never shook but solidified even more.

Hiking is our favorite kind of rest
Powder Canyon, Brea, CA

He wanted to bless our friends & family with celebration.

2019 has been action-packed with baby announcements, births, elopements, and of course, dogs (:

  • After 2.5 years of trying and trusting in God’s guidance, my sister and brother-in-law are expecting their first child come November. Katherine May Morrell, your life has sparked an unmeasurable, bursting, souls-dancing amount of joy!
  • We didn’t have to share our baby news via Skype or VideoChat. Instead, Mom opened her birthday gift disguised as a jewelry box and discovered our positive pregnancy test. I’ll never forget her large eyeballs and Heather’s gasp across the table. Then we hand delivered flowers to John’s mom that read We love you! From John, Colleen, & baby. We can’t hug people through a phone so this real face time was extra special.
  • My eldest sister Laura is no longer a Ryan but Mrs. Duong. She and Henri Duong eloped February 17th of this year. My new brother-in-law loves Laura and nature and has every camping tool (including a portable fire pit) stocked in his Land Rover.
  • My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary at the San Diego Safari Park Zoo. If you haven’t gone, GO. It was wild. Sleeping rhinos seriously look like boulders.
  • John’s sister, Jane, is expecting a baby girl August 27th. She’s almost here!
  • John was able to meet his best friends’ newborn babies. Ivory Bliss and Calvin Freer were born 2 weeks apart. Gosh, our reunions are going to have so many cheese pizzas.
  • Our dog family is growing as well. Blitz and Rogue have another Corgi cousin named Scarlet as well as a mixed sweetheart, Jake. Follow Jane’s dog on instagram @peanut.da.corgi for updates on his latest tricks and bandana collection too.
  • God brought friends from all over America to California. There was Kevin and Mackenzie from New York, Melissa from Tennessee, Amy from Iowa, Nicole from Arizona, and Brooke from Nevada. All of you blessed us with stories of God’s hand over your lives.

This blog has been slow and lame due to the delay. But I’m back on it guys! We leave for Uganda August 10th (woah, single digit countdown). News on baby supplies and our plane hop around the world shall be coming soon.

Author: mypoemgirl

I enjoy thrift stores, baking healthy-ish desserts, dancing to elevator music, and hikes all around the world.

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