Why it’s good to come home

Besides hugging and loving all the people that fill your home, such a place has oh so may perks ❤

Mom’s cooking

Have you ever made a PB&J and it’s not the same, delightful crunch of peanuts and strawberries?

It’s dry isn’t it? It’s not the same as mom’s PB&J sandwiches. Nope. Not even close.

Or try this one…have you ever opened your fridge to discover yet again empty, sad shelves and the brown, rotten spinach at the back of the veggie drawer? I feed my husband and myself, but where are all the leftovers?? My mom’s fridge is 100% stocked with last night’s spaghetti, egg salad in the jumbo size tupperware, shredded BBQ chicken, string cheese, endless apples and oranges, and don’t even get me started on the cupboards. All I’m saying is, when you’re visiting home, eat. Food is a love language and she wants you to be full.

Christmas morning breakfast

Soak in the familiarity

Does home ever change? If your home is also stuck in a timeless vortex, it’s time to enjoy the simple pleasures.

My husband and I are sleeping in my old bedroom that has the same big windows and view of the tree. Every night I stare at the same popcorn ceiling and the same glow-in-the-dark stars from grade school. In the morning, I hear the coffee maker, my dad’s booming voice, and the matching roar of his van (seriously, same van). In the afternoon, I walk our pups down the same sidewalks I used to ride my Razor scooter over curbs. There are memories all over the ground. What sights, sounds, and smells remind you of home?

The Ryan family house

Revisit family dynamics

When your family is growing, it’s fun to see relationships grow too. John and I hiked recently with my sister, Laura, who loves plants and every living critter. Yet this trip was John’s first experience witnessing the serious depth of her love for nature. On and especially off the trail, John learned to avoid stepping on poppies or else Laura would wince, even if she tried to hide it. From her hands, he smelled wild sage and mugwort, and denied the offer to taste mustard flowers and miner’s lettuce. And when our hike ended, Laura slowed the car in order for moths to cross the road. It’s hilarious and fun to see your favorite people interact.

Hiking Walker Canyon with my hubs, pups, and sista

More on the family front: due to all their son-in-laws, Mom is shopping more in the men’s section for birthday gifts and dad has much more to talk about at the dinner table.

Our growing family

Labor in love

As a teen that growled at every chore, I never washed the dishes. My poor mom! And I never ever fished out the monthly—maybe weekly?—hairball stuck in the shower drain. My poor dad! But when I moved out, the realities of my spoiled, nourished life hit me like a broom. After marriage, I shopped for cleaning supplies my first time. I learned to clean our apartment and through all the dust and soap spuds, I learned to scrub off the selfishness.

Now that we’re home, my siblings and I are still learning how to love and help our parents more at home. Little acts of service such as washing dishes, cooking food, or even prepping the coffee every morning is better than any love note.

This one doesn’t do any chores around the house

Low maintenance friends

I need to give my sis, Heather, credit for this term. She too has surrounded herself with very cool soul sisters.

Low maintenance friends do the following:

  • They understand life happens and it’s okay that years have passed with zilch contact between both parties.
  • They want to see you.
  • They make time to see you.
  • They’re happy to see you and spend time with you.
  • And vice versa.

That’s it.

Two of my bridesmaids

Enjoy them. Love them. Be grateful for them because reconnecting friendships after a move, a marriage, a baby, a new job, a divorce, a death, even a new lifestyle diet, can be hard. I loved coming home and receiving text messages full of emoji hearts and fireworks. Thank you dears ❤

I hope this mini-list refreshes your spirit or helps identify the location of home. Home may be your parents’ house. Home may be Christmas on the floor of your best friend’s apartment. Home may be another country. Wherever your home may be, may it be blessed. xo

Author: mypoemgirl

I enjoy thrift stores, baking healthy-ish desserts, dancing to elevator music, and hikes all around the world.

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