Galentines, grab your chocolate and wine for these flicks

My mom, sister, and I all share the same taste in movies. We like queens, grand costumes, strong female characters, romance that makes us blush, and rich dialogue. We also appreciate historically true detail; if a farm girl is smeared in Mac makeup instead of manure, chances are we won’t like the film. Remember when Harry Potter had blue eyes instead of green?! Such flaws make us wince! Yet really, what we enjoy most is historic girl power. We love watching the woman’s role shift against social norms and break through its exhausting, corseted grip. We love watching women endure and even become fools in love with men or fashion. I hope these films make your pink heart glow with pride.

The Duchess
Kira sports a fake mole, divinely tall hair, and debates “freedom in moderation” with narrow-minded Frenchmen. May I say more?

Young Victoria
See the Victorian era unravel as the queen betters her kingdom. The dialogue between V and Prince Albert is priceless too.

Love Comes Softly (series)
Not only is Katherine Heigl an obvious delight but her husband’s character is kind and dependable. I recommend this film for families or anyone who wants to soak up a wholesome life lesson.

True Women (series)
See Angelina Jolie before her rise to fame. Experience the tension between Native Americans and the White Man, the abolishment of slavery, and women claiming their right to vote.

Coco before Chanel
This French film kept me up ’til 3am. I’ll never look at pearls and stripes without thinking of Chanel’s timeless taste.

Coco, you’re the best

Travel to Paris and root for the female ghostwriter whose novel becomes a fashion icon. Does it matter that her husband takes all the credit for her masterpiece? Please note there is nudity and adultery.

Memoirs of a Geisha
The storytelling draws its audience into a trance. A fisherman’s daughter is sold into slavery to a geisha house where her survival depends on what she sees in the mirror.

Bright Star
Sometimes learning about a poet’s life makes his work evermore memorable. Learn about Keats and the woman he wrote about always.

Miss Potter
Have you ever read Peter Rabbit? Or have you seen such illustrations of forest animals wearing suits? This author of children books has left her mark on worldwide booksellers and England itself.

Far from the Madding Crowd
The landscape and dreamy farmer are enough to press the play button. His efforts to woo the new neighbor will make you smile throughout each scene.

A glimpse into Far from the Madding Crowd

Out of Africa
I believe modern movies lack the dialogue that pulls two lovers together. But this film has everything including hard work, a coffee farm, elephants and lions.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
The charm in this film is created by the clashing characters. They are so dearly different yet remain one another’s cheerful companion.

The Help
I adore the art of writing because it is a means of change. Brave black women share their stories of caring for prominent white families.

Hidden Figures
Three black women are working at NASA with annoying sexist and racist coworkers. Their brilliance is the key to launching John Glenn into space.

On the Basis of Sex
If you haven’t seen this film in theaters, it’s worthy of Galentines Day or really, any day. Ruth Ginsburg is the leading lady for equal rights between men and women and is currently an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Her voice is our voice.

On the Basis of Sex also portrays Ruth’s beautiful marriage

For all Jane Austen Fans

I’m assuming we’ve all watched Pride and Prejudice, Emma, as well as Sense and Sensibility…but what about films that seem to pass through unnoticed?

Becoming Jane
Ok, maybe this was a theater hit but if you really want to appreciate Jane for all that she is, watch this film. She is the author of classic romance but what happened to the true love of her life?

The Jane Austen Book Club
See Jane bring loved ones together in the form of a book club. The characters have drastic decisions to make and soon ponder, “What would Jane do?”

Lost in Austen (series)
If you want to die happy, watch this show. It’s a comedic approach for all women obsessed with Mr. Darcy.

I hope these films gather your beloved sisters together on the couch. May your laughter be contagious and your tears have tissue nearby.

Author: mypoemgirl

I enjoy thrift stores, baking healthy-ish desserts, dancing to elevator music, and hikes all around the world.

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